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Ancient History

A research guide for any class at WCU concerned with the ancient Greek and/or Roman world.
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Rachel McMullin
F.H. Green Library, Room 209

As with any history topic,  books and book chapters on ancient history topics are an essential resource when doing research.

Finding books (and book chapters) at WCU Libraries

I always like to look for books first, since they are more likely to give you background or overview of a topic.

Our library catalog is ntegrated into the same system (Library Search) that brings back articles, but you can still search just the catalog, if you want.  The search box below is customized to do that.

After you search, you may still want to limit to just books, as our catalog does include other materials like audio/visual materials.

Finding and getting books WCU Libraries don't own

We only own a small percentage of books that have been published about ancient history!

Step 1:  Find books

I personally like to search Google Books, but, or even Amazon can be used as well. Do double check whether we own a book by copying and pasting the title into the catalog!

Step 2:  Request books

We have a system (free for students) called EZ-Borrow that we use to get books from other libraries.  It usually takes 2-3 business days for the books to arrive.

EZ-Borrow Tips:
  • The number to log into EZ-Borrow is the 16 digit number on the BACK of your WCU Ram card.  See the EZ-borrow main page for what to do if you don't have a Ram card or your number isn't working.
  • I usually search in EZ-Borow by title.  You don't need to put in the entire title, just enough words to make the search distinctive enough so the book you want appears near the top.
  • You can also put in keywords and see what comes up and request things that we don't own!

Finding book reviews

Additionally, you may run across scholarly book reviews both in Historical Abstracts and Library Search (the main library resources for finding scholarly journal articles).

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