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ENG 400 (Navitsky) Philadelphia Poets

Guide to using the American Periodical Series to find poems in Philadelphia publications.

Set up the initial search

Step 1:  Log into the database American Periodical Series Online

Step 2:  Set up the initial search (3 parts)

Part A:  Put a title from the list into the top search box, then use the pull-down menu on the right to select "Publication title-- PUB"

Part B:  Set the date range from 1789-1792, using the "Specific date range..." option.

Part C:  Limit to Poem under "Document Type"

Step 3:  Now you are ready to hit search!

Refining the search

Step 1:  What order do you want your results to be in? 

I like oldest first, but it is up to you!


Step 2:  Add an extra search term/phrase

Put it in the search box to the right of this phrase:  pub(American Museum).  Don't delete that bit, it is a necessary part of the search!

If you get no results, just hit the back button and try something else!

Start looking at poems!

Step 1:  Click on the poem title or the "Full text-- PDF" link to view the poem on screen.


Step 2:  Look for the link to download the PDF on the right side of the screen.

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