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ENG 400 (Navitsky) Philadelphia Poets

Guide to using the American Periodical Series to find poems in Philadelphia publications.

Title List

Title List

This spreadsheet shows all the Philadelphia magazines in APS.  Titles from the correct time period are highlighted.

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Rachel McMullin
F.H. Green Library, Room 209

Set up the initial search

Step 1:  Log into the database American Periodical Series Online

Step 2:  Set up the initial search (3 parts)

Part A:  Put a title from the list into the top search box, then use the pull-down menu on the right to select "Publication title-- PUB"

Part B:  Set the date range from 1789-1792, using the "Specific date range..." option.

Part C:  Limit to Poem under "Document Type"

Step 3:  Now you are ready to hit search!

Refining the search

Step 1:  What order do you want your results to be in? 

I like oldest first, but it is up to you!


Step 2:  Add an extra search term/phrase

Put it in the search box to the right of this phrase:  pub(American Museum).  Don't delete that bit, it is a necessary part of the search!

If you get no results, just hit the back button and try something else!

Start looking at poems!

Step 1:  Click on the poem title or the "Full text-- PDF" link to view the poem on screen.


Step 2:  Look for the link to download the PDF on the right side of the screen.

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