Keeping Current in Research Literature

How to obtain and organize current research literature in your field of study or area of research.

What is an RSS Feed?

An RSS Feed lets you stay up-to-date with content on websites, blogs, news sites, and more. You can subscribe to any feed that is of relevance or interest. The feed is sent to an RSS reader or your email where you can browse and read it all at once. Watch the video below for a fun and informative lesson on RSS feeds.

RSS in Plain English (A Common Craftshow by Lee and Sachi LeFever)

Step 1 - Set up a Reader Account

Create a reader account for one place to gather all of your subscription feeds, table of content and journal alerts, and other content information.

Read this Feedly tutorial for help and more information.



Set up an RSS Feed in Outlook:

  1. ​​Right click on "RSS Subscriptions"
  2. Choose "Add a new RSS Feed"
  3. Paste the RSS feed URL into the box


Step 2 - Create a Feed Subscription

If using Feedly, you can create subscriptions to feeds directly in Feedly. You can also create a subscription from a publisher's website, blog, etc. and have it go to Feedly or to an email. If using your Outlook email, you will have to subscribe to feeds from the sources first.

Subscribing to feeds from the source:

  • Step 1 - Look for the RSS Feed Icon on a website, blog or other relevant source: 
  • Step 2 - Click on the icon and you will get one of two options:
    • One-click option to subscribe via your feed reader. Follow the instructions.
    • Page with HTML code. Copy the URL in the web address bar and paste it into your Feedly or Google+ newsreader search box.
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