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MGT 499 (Prof. Jiang) Final Project Research Guide

In-class Exercise Instruction

Which company are you going to research?

1. Try to do a Google search with [company] investor relations. Can you find the company's investor relations webpage and find their annual report?

2. Access Mergent Online, search the company name, find Company Reports Tab, download an expanded fundamental report.

3. Access Business Source Complete, search the company's name, and then:

1) limit to full-text

2) change the time period to recent 2-3 years

3) change Source Types to Industry Profile (or SWOT analysis)

4) select Publisher -> MarketLine

4. In Business Source Complete, search the [company] and strategy, then find a scholarly article for the company.

5. Access U.S. Major Dailies, search the [company] and strategy, then find a newspaper article for the company.

6. Search First Research Industry Profile -find NAICS code for the proper industry report, Access Mergent Archive - follow D&B Manuals--> First Research, and copy/paste the NAICS code from the website. Scroll to the right and see the PDF document. Download a report

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