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MGT 499 (Prof. Leah Ndanga) Term Project - Company Research Paper Guide

Where to Look for Information?

What is required?

General overview and introduction to the company:

  • a brief history
  • a discussion of overall performance
  • type of industry
  • other pieces of general information about the organization
    • what products/product lines does the company sell
    • what geographic markets do the company sell
    • to what extent does the company have international production or customer service operations in other parts of the world
    • how many employees the company has in the U. S. and in other parts of the world
  • a brief financial performance overview of the company

Where to look for information?

  • Company's website - Investor Relations - Form 10-K (Item 1 "Business"; Item 7 MD&A)
  • Mergent Online: summary and also a detailed report of a public company's business and financial backgrounds and conditions.

Finding Investor Relations and 10-K

The company's website - Investor Relations page is the most convenient and updated source for finding the company's Form 10-K, Annual Report, conference call recordings/transcripts, and events. In the case that the company's investor relations page is difficult to find on the company's public-facing website such as Google, Amazon, Walmart, an online search with the company's name and Investor Relations would easily get you to the right place.

You can also find the company's SEC filings and Form 10-K through SEC Edgar. More information is available at the library guide SEC Filings Edgar.

Mergent Online

Mergent Online provides a snapshot, summary, and also detailed report of a public company's business and financial backgrounds and conditions. It harvested the company's key information from its SEC filings and also provide access to the copy of its annual report, Form 10-K, Conference Call materials, and some news sources and event updates.

Search [Company Name] or [Ticker Symbol]-> Company Details (Business Summary, Business News)-> Company Financials (Ratio/Analysis)-> Annual Report->Company Report (Mergent -Expanded Fundamental Report)

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