Resources for vocal students in the Wells School of Music.

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Head to Presser and browse the scores on our shelves under these call numbers:

781.62: Sight Singing
782.1: Opera Libretti and Stories
782.14: Musicals
782.2: Operas, Operettas, Music Comedies
782.8: Cantatas
782.84: Collections of Cantatas
782.9: Miscellaneous forms of Dramatic Music
783: Collections of Masses
783.2: Masses
783.24: Canticles
783.27: Requiems, Te Deums, Stabat Maters, Magnificats, etc.
783.3: Oratorios, Passions, etc.
783.4: Motets, Anthems
783.5: Chants
783.58: Sacred Songs
783.6: Christmas Carols
783.9: Hymns
784.1: Madrigals, Chansons, Part-Songs, Rounds (1 composer)
784.15: Collections of Madrigals, Chansons, Part-Songs, Rounds
784.2: Choral Works
784.25: Collections of Choral Works
784.3: Songs – Art Songs, etc. (also Duets)
784.33: Collections of Songs (also Duets)
784.35: Concert Arias
784.39: Collections of Concert Arias
784.4: Folk Songs and Dances
784.459: Political Songs
784.6: Community Songs (including College and University Songs)
784.683: Children’s Songs
784.7: National Anthems and Songs
784.8: Vocal Ensembles (Trios through Nontets)
784.85: Collections of Vocal Ensembles
784.9: Popular Music (Songs, etc.)
784.95: Popular Music (Historical)
784.99: Singing Methods and Exercises


Check out these bibliographies to find more vocal music. See something you'd like to play or study? Ask us to order it. 

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