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What's New In My Library?

by Christian Sammartino on 2019-08-27T16:51:13-04:00 | Comments

Beanbag Chairs
Refuel and recharge in our new gigantic beanbag chairs. We placed several of these soft seats all around FHG Library. They are perfect for study breaks!


Finding the book you want doesn’t have to feel like a scavenger hunt. Use StackMap to guide your search. You can access StackMap when you search for a book in the library catalog. Click the “Map It” button, which will show you how to find your book.

Computers on the 5th Floor

If you need a computer, and quiet space to work, visit the new computers we added on the 5th floor of FHG Library. These workstations allow you to conveniently work on your research without having to relocate to a computer on the second floor. Enjoy the quiet.

Printer Near Starbucks

We added a new Multifunction printer on the first floor near Starbucks. You can print, scan, and copy documents with this machine. When you install RamPrint on your laptop, you can print without leaving the first floor.

More White Boards

You can make any place in the library a workspace with our new white boards. Use them to collaborate with your friends or to solve a problem for your math class. Create something as large as your imagination.

Charging Station Near Starbucks

You’ve got the power! Now you have another charging station to bring your phone back to life. 

Locker Rentals

Bringing everything you need to the library just got a whole lot easier! Now you can rent lockers in the library to store your belongings. We offer this service free of charge. Lockers are located on the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 6th floors. Learn more about our locker rental policies.

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