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Meet SGA Liaison Karen Mercy

by Christian Sammartino on 2021-05-11T11:30:00-04:00 | Comments

Christian Sammartino: What is your major and what are some of the goals you want to accomplish during your career at WCU?

Karen Mercy: My major at WCU is French and English. What I want to complete in my time at WCU is to impact as many people as humanly possible because I want to make a difference and help others. 

CS: Who have some of your mentors been since you came to WCU and what impact have they had on you?

KM: Molly Scollo, she helped me realize that all it takes to leave an impact on people and your surroundings was by getting involved in your school. When you are involved, you are actively changing how your campus and community look by every action you take.

CS: What inspired you to run for Student Government Association liaison to University Libraries?

KM: I made amazing memories at the library with my friends and working on group projects. I wanted other peers and students to experience that joy of working in the library. 

CS: What are some of your duties as SGA liaison to the libraries?

KM: My duties of being a senator consist of thinking of better ways of improving the library that students are aware of the resources being offered. I also want students’ feedback about how we can improve our library, the resources and the technology.

CS: What are some of your favorite memories in the library?

KM: I was meeting with my friend in the beginning of the semester and she told me how unproductive she felt when the library closed early all the time this Fall Semester. I took her complaint to my associate, Amy Ward, and we were able to change the time when the library closed. 

CS: What advice would you give your peers about using the library?

KM: The library is a fun place to hang out and get work done when you are with friends all enjoying each other’s company. If you can’t work with your friends, the library offers a safe place to get your work done in a timely fashion where you can listen to your music in peace. The library also has anything you would need for your success.  

CS: What is a recent experience you had with a librarian?

KM: When I asked her for some flash cards, and she went out of her way to go downstairs and give me more than I needed for my presentation. I really liked that a lot because she could’ve just blown me off, but she didn’t, and I appreciate it.  The flash cards really helped me out a lot, too. 


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