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A Film Travelogue: Never Been Seen Movies

by Ainsley Hume on 2019-03-15T15:40:09-04:00 | Comments

This week I wanted to watch some films off our new DVD display which is featuring movies that have never been seen! Some of these movies were donations that never had the opportunity to be featured on our new movie display, so it is a great opportunity for our patrons to see what other movies we have in addition to the ones featured on our displays. I decided to watch The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night [IMC DVD 782.4216 H258 2002] and Woman in the Dunes [IMC DVD 595.7092 W872 2007]. Both were black and white movies, but otherwise very different from each other.

The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night seemed to be in the style of a fake promotional video which some tongue-in-cheek humor thrown in for good measure. The film follows the group through “a day in the life” of the band and the adventures they have, with some musical numbers scattered throughout. I enjoyed the movie overall, but was very confused by the casting of Paul’s grandfather, who’s character seemed very jarring alongside the laid-back personas of the rest of the group. Overall however, it was fun to see the boys running around getting into mischief while their manager tried to keep them in check.

The second film I watched, Woman in the Dunes, had a very different feeling. Portraying an art-house feel, this film told the story of an entomologist who, when he missed the last bus of the day, is offered room at the house of a woman who lives in a house at the bottom of a sandpit. When he wakes up the next day and tries to leave, the ladder is gone and he realizes that he is trapped in the pit. As he attempts to understand the situation and escape, he begins to understand things about the sand that he had taken for granted. This movie was extremely well directed, and was in fact nominated for best director at the Academy Awards that year. The cinematography is stunning and completely engrossing, and the story keeps you engaged the entire time. I have to say this is one of the best movies I have seen in a long while, surprisingly so, and changed my perception of art-house films for the better.

Movies can surprise you, and there are so many movies that get overlooked. I would highly recommend coming down to the IMC to check out our Never Been Seen display and see how many actors/actresses or even film titles you recognize from our collection! Continue to follow along your own film journey and see how many movies you have watched at .

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