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A Film Travelogue: Library Staff Picks

by Ainsley Hume on 2019-08-21T15:04:35-04:00 | Comments

For the month of August, the IMC decided to highlight some of our favorite staff picks. We also took the opportunity to ask some of our fellow library coworkers what their staff pick would be and incorporated that into our display! Some great picks, a couple of which I was lucky enough to get to watch: Dead Man [IMC DVD 158.2 D278 2000] and Platoon [IMC DVD 959.7043 P718 2001].

Funny enough, both movies featured Johnny Depp, which was great! In the film Dead Man, Depp plays the main character who goes out west for a job and ends up killing a man. He then goes on the run and falls into the company of an outcast Native American man named Nobody. Nobody takes him on a spiritual journey to discover his true self. What I loved most about this movie was the art-house feel to it as well as the music (which was composed by Neil Young, improvised as he watched a newly edited version of the film). This movie might not be for everyone, but I ended up enjoying it very much.

In the second film, Platoon, Johnny Depp plays a much smaller character. Several well-known actors are found in this movie, and Willem Dafoe especially shines. This movie, for those unfamiliar with it, follow a specific man (Charlie Sheen) who decides to enlist in the Vietnam War. Eventually the fighting turns to within the unit, where Staff Sergeant Barnes (played by Tom Berenger) conflicts with Sergeant Elias (played by Willem Dafoe). The rest of the soldiers get dragged into the fighting and the lack of trust eventually leads to disaster. This was a great movie, and had a very authentic feel to the period and perception of the Vietnam War. I would definitely recommend it.

Stop by the IMC to see the library’s recommendation for your next movie! Next week we will be switching over to a “Back to School” theme, so look for that as well. Start your own film travelogue adventure here: .

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