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A Film Travelogue: Bromancing

by Ainsley Hume on 2019-02-14T19:01:29-05:00 | Comments

In honor of Valentine’s Day not being just about one type of love, the IMC is hosting a “Bromance” DVD display, featuring movies you might watch with your closest bro. Happily, this display included the movie Rocky [IMC DVD 796.83 R684 2001], which I have never seen and have always meant to (and now finally had the chance!).

Rocky is one of the best feel-good movies I have seen in a long time. Throughout the whole movie, you can’t help but smile at his character and his quirky relationship with Adrian, the sister of Rocky’s friend Paulie. He is an extremely likeable character, but he struggles with the image of being a wash-up, ignored by his boxing manager and dismissed by the neighborhood. Yet everything changes when Rocky’s name is picked to fight opposite Apollo Creed. Suddenly, people are paying attention to him and he shines, pushing himself into hard training before the match. I can’t say enough good things about this movie. If you haven’t had the chance to watch this classic Philadelphia movie, you should definitely make the time!


Come check out the IMC’s newest DVD display, and tweet us @FHGLibrary with the movie that you’re currently watching this Valentine’s weekend. Check out what other movies you should see at .

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