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SOC 491/WOS 325 (Huebner)

A research guide for the class Violence, Systems, and Resistance

Core Databases

Your Bibliography Assignment requires at least two scholarly sources from each of the three major disciplinary approaches studied in class:  Women's and Gender Studies, Sociology, and Psychology.  Below are the library databases dedicated to each of those disciplines.  Searching in them is going to be the easiest way to find articles that meet that requirement.

Databases from Related Disciplines

While articles from the three core databases will likely be at the center of your arguments, you may want to supplement them with articles from related disciplines.

Tip:  If using Library Search for scholarly sources, look for the link to limit to just Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Journals in the column to the left.


Your various assignments for this class focus on scholarly journal articles, which tend to have the most current research.  In some cases, there may also be scholarly books that will provide history, background, and context for your topic. 

Tip: Aren't sure what discipline a book is from?  Look up the author(s).  A quick Google search search for "Authors full name" will usually pull back a page from the college/university they are affiliated with and you can check their department.   

This box is set to search just the library catalog.

Books on Class Topics

Keep in mind that these are just a few examples of books from the last 10 years.  We have many, many more related to your class topics!



Note:  There are also a lot of popular, self-help type books out there on resilience.  Nothing wrong with that, but most of those type of books aren't going to be appropriate for this class.

Violence and Gender

Violence and Race

Violence and Disability

Interlibrary Loan

Spring 2020 update:  As of March 20, the ILLiad system is still operating, but please expect a longer wait for delivery of articles.  It is also likely there will be more instances in which requests are unable to be filled at all.

When searching the library's databases or OneSearch, you may find articles you want that we do not have access to.  You can get them for free through a service called interlibrary loan, and it usually only takes one or two days. 

From a database, like the MLA International Bibliography:

1.  Instead of a link to a PDF below the article, you will see a link called check availability.

2.  If we have the full text,the page that opens will provide a link under the "View It" heading. 

3.  If we don't own the full text, you can access our interlibrary loan system for articles, called ILLiad, by logging into the system using your WCU email address and password.  Look for the link on the yellow bar in the middle of the page.

4. Once you log in, you will see the link to go to ILLiad.

5. To use ILLiad for the first time, click on the link for first time users and set up an account

6. Go back to the the database window and click the link to interlibrary loan again.  Now that you are logged in, it will fill in the blanks on the request screen for you!  Hit submit and wait for an email saying your article has arrived.


From Library Search:

1) The default in Library search is to show articles that we DO own.  To see materials we don't own, look at the top of the left-hand column for the option "Expand Results Beyond My Library". 

2) Once you do that, you will see articles marked "No Full Text".  Click on that link, then follow the process described above for databases.

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