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JRN 335: Ethical Issues in News Media

Newspapers and magazines in the WCU Libraries' collections

This page is dedicated to newspapers and magazines that can be accessed via the library.  Many of these titles live behind paywalls.

Tip:  Often these databases include the articles as they appeared in print.  The title of the print article is frequently different from the one used on the news website.  So, if you can't find an article when searching by title, try searching for the authors last name and a couple of keywords.

Databases that compile multiple sources

U.S. Major Dailies

U.S. Major Dailies is a great way to cross search several major American newspapers.  It is updated daily.

You can also go into each of the newspapers that make up U.S. Major Dailies individually.

When you do this you can browse by a single issue!

Newspaper Source

Academic Search Ultimate

America's News Magazines

Individual newspapers and magazines

Note:  Whether or not the articles will include original images will vary.  Some will have all images, some will have some (with others removed), and some will have text only.

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