HIS 102 Contemporary Connections (Kirschenbaum): Finding Sources

Guide for Dr. Kirschenbaum's Contemporary Connections HIS 102 course. Revised Spring 2017.

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Rachel McMullin
F.H. Green Library, Room 209

News and Magazine Articles

Why use the library instead of Google to find current articles?

  1. The library has access to a number of major newspapers you can't access without a subscription at all or limit non-subscribers to a few articles a month.
  2. The newspapers and magazines the library has paid for have been vetted and are can generally be trusted as reliable publications!
TIP:  Always set a date range when searching for current articles!  Otherwise you will get back articles that are years or even decades old along with the new stuff.

Want to go beyond news and magazine articles? 

Our Library Search tool cross searches many databases and will bring back documentaries, government documents, scholarly articles, books, and more.  But... many of the sources will NOT be current.
Tip:  I love or Library Search tool for many research projects, but for this one I think using the databases above will save time!
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