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EDR 515

A guide for EDR 515 on finding picture books and reviews.

Finding children's books

Option 1:  Search the web

Pros Cons
wider search WCU Libraries may not have the titles
lists often made by teachers or librarians titles may be too old or wrong level

Option 2
:  Search in the WCU Libraries' children's collection

Pros Cons
almost all our titles are award winners smaller collection/fewer options
easy to get your hands on some books may be wrong level
diversity-based subject headings  


Option 3:  Search in Children's Literature Comprehensive Database

Pros Cons
set up a specific search (topic, genre, child age, publication date) learning curve for using it
find reviews in the same place! WCU Libraries may not have the titles
  remote access ends when you graduate

Tips sheets for finding books

Finding book reviews

In this case, you may want to use both options as you may find different reviews in each.

Option 1: Search in Children's Literature Comprehensive Database


Option 2:  Search in the Library Search tool

Tip sheets for finding book reviews

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