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Creative Writing

Finding library sources about creative writing


Books about creative writing

WCU Libraries have many books (both print and ebooks) about the creative writing process.  You can search for them in our online catalog. A good starting search would be to just type "creative writing" in the search box below.

Or, if you like to browse print books, head up to the 5th floor of F.H.Green Library.  Books about creative writing are shelved at the 808 call number, especially at 808.02 and 808.042, though they are mixed in with books about academic writing and teaching writing.


Scholarship on creative writing

There is also a ton of research out there on creative writing published in scholarly journals.  Because journals in this field may appear in a number of different library databases, the best way to access them is through our Library Search tool, which cross-searches most of our holdings.

Tip:  Library Search searches many types of sources, so if you want scholarly articles on creative writing, make sure to click on the Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Journals link at the top of the column on the left.

Scholarship on genre


Finding examples of creative writing in the WCU Libraries' collections


Newer works

Look for the new fiction book area near the main library help desk on the 2nd floor!  Unlike a public library, we can't buy a huge selection of new works, but we do purchase novels, short fiction collections, and poetry collections that have won major awards.


Older works

Everything older is up on the 5th floor.  Either search the catalog for something specific, or here is a quick cheat sheet for where different genres appear based on Dewey call numbers:

American literature is shelved in the 810s. 

English literature is shelved in the 820s. 

Each area is subdivided by genre.

811 & 821  Poetry

812 & 822  Drama

813 & 823  Fiction

814 & 824  Essays

815 & 825 Speeches

816 & 826 Letters

817 & 827 Humor and Satire


Best/prize series

The following are books that try to compile the best works published in various genres.  A new volume is added each year.

Best American Essays  Call number: 814.008 B561

Best American Poetry  Call number:  811.008 B561b

Best American Short Plays  Call number 812.08 B561

Best American Short Stories  Call number: 808.83 B561

O. Henry Prize Stories  Call number: 808.83 P961

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