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ARH 383

A guide for finding sources for the Medieval Pilgrimage Assignment.

Print books

The cart of print books will remain outside my office (RM 209, 2nd floor, east side of building towards High St.) through the end of March.

Feel free to--

1) check books out-- just take the book and your RamCard or other ID to the main help desk by the entrance.

2) use the books in the library, take pictures with your phone, or use the scanners (2nd floor and 1st floor) to get images of specific pages.

  • If you take pictures/scans, remember to get the title page, so you have the info needed to write a citation!
  • Please return any books that you don't check out to the cart so others can use them.

Select ebooks

These are just a few titles I came across while searching-- there will be plenty of other titles.

Searching for additional sources

For example, you could for sources that focus on:

  • a specific person, if you've selected a real person to feature in your letter
  • a type of person, such as peasants, nobles, clergy, children, mothers, etc.
  • a town or region
  • anything else related to medieval life that might come up in your letter!
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