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ENG 400 (Kondrlik)

A guide to searching for articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer and London Times.

Philadelphia Inquirer

Step 1:  Go to the database America's Historical Newspapers


Step 2:  Go to the Advanced Search page


Step 3:  Set the Philadelphia Inquirer as Publication

  • Set one of the pull-down menus to Publication (bottom box suggested)
  • Type in Philadelphia Inquirer

Step 4:  Set the date range

Step 5:  Use other search boxes to add search terms

Step 6:  Consider changing result order over to "Best"

That means relevance ranked rather than date order

Times (London)

The Times (London)

Step 1:  Go to the database  Times Digital Archives

Unlike America's Historical Newspaper, The Times is the only newspaper in this databases, so no need to set the publication!


Step 2: Set the date range.


Step 3:  Add search terms

Keep in mind that British English vocabulary and spelling is often different from American English!


Step 4: Consider reordering your results by Relevance.


Step 5: The Times Digital Archive has some really useful ways to limit after the search

Document type, Subjects, and Search Within all might be useful.



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