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Vision, Mission, & Values of the University Libraries: Home

Vision Statement

West Chester University Libraries are the hub of the University’s intellectual and cultural life. They are places where study, research, and the free exchange of ideas occur in an atmosphere of civility and respect. They provide the best possible resources, services and facilities for library users, creating an exciting environment for inquiry and activity. Library resources embody the breadth of human experience and expression, representing a good balance of traditional and new materials. Those who work in the University Libraries are dedicated to this vision, and have the skills, experience and flexibility to carry it out.

Mission Statement

West Chester University Libraries provide the best possible support for West Chester University’s mission of educational excellence by offering the highest quality collections, services, and facilities for learning, teaching, and research.

Values Statement


  • We support student learning success.
  • We support teaching and teacher education.
  • We support research and inquiry.
  • We support intellectual and academic freedom.
  • We support life-long learning.
  • We encourage reading as a lifelong activity for curiosity and pleasure.


  • We offer library services characterized by flexibility, creativity, and a positive, friendly attitude.
  • We make library resources easily accessible to our scholarly community.
  • We maintain an attractive and secure place for study and the exchange of ideas.
  • We evolve to meet the changing information needs of our patrons.
  • We provide access to materials, services and facilities in accord with library policy to library users.
  • We provide a "barrier free" environment for all patrons.
  • We think and act both globally and locally in our service.


  • We believe in the inherent worth of each individual library patron.
  • We provide an inclusive and diverse learning environment.
  • We value differences of opinion and perspective.
  • We have compassion and respect for those who work in the library and those who use it.
  • We encourage a positive attitude and a sense of humor in the libraries.


  • We engage in open and honest communication.
  • We recognize the importance of participation by all library stakeholders.
  • We engage in collaboration both within and beyond the university.


  • We attract and retain talented people to accomplish our mission.
  • We acquire high-quality, appropriate resources of all types.
  • We support individual and organizational growth.
  • We take responsibility for our actions and follow through on our commitments.


  • We engage in environmentally sustainable practices.
  • We engage in the preservation of the intellectual record.
  • We manage fiscal resources responsibly and efficiently.
  • We support the principle of intellectual property protection.


Approved by Library Advisory Committee, 14 April 2009