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A research guide for textbook purchase alternatives other than the SSI Bookstore or library. Includes rentals, new, used and e-textbooks.


Welcome students from multiple nations.  The following resource was developed to locate required textbooks for your courses.  West Chester University encourages, for textbook purchases and returns, to use the Student Services Bookstore -

Inflated prices are discouraging students to continue their education, forcing many to pick their courses by textbook cost and not necessary benefit toward their academic goals. Recognizing textbooks are expensive, there are companies providing used or less expensive copies, The following is a list of textbook providers. The following selection of longer established companies is not an endorsement of their respective companies.  We suggest comparing prices for your textbooks ( with other services. Some offer options to buy textbooks, rent textbooks or purchase used textbooks.

In 2008, Congress passed the HEOA to tackle the rapidly rising cost of textbooks. Colleges nationwide are required to disclose textbook costs for students during the registration process on their websites. Most colleges are complying with Federal law by disclosing the new and used textbook costs offered at their own college bookstores. HEOA compliance technically discloses enough information for significant savings to occur, but for most students the ISBN and price information by itself is not actionable, so they continue to pay higher prices than necessary.



Student Textbook Buy/ Rent/ Sell Sites

1.         ALIBRIS -

·         Buy or rent textbooks.

·         Decent pricing options let student choose what type of book they want (i.e. New, used, rental, hardback etc).

2.         AMAZON - New, Used, Rental and eTextbooks

3.         BIGWORDS -

·         BIGWORDS compares the best textbook stores at once finding the sweetest, cheapest textbooks on the planet.-as indicated by the website.

·         Good site because it compares and provides options to other sites.


·         Search – Click "Go" after you type in the college textbook you need using the Title, Author, Keyword, or ISBN in the search box.

·         Find the Cheapest Price – Click "Find the Cheapest Price" once you've located the college textbook you need.

·         Note: Please be patient. Sometimes it may take up to 20 seconds in order to retrieve the results from all the discount college textbook stores, where cheap textbooks are listed.

·         Buy, Rent or Sell – Click "Buy Now", "Rent Now" or "Sell Now" to buy, rent or sell your college textbook.

5.       Chegg

        Provides print and electronic textbooks.

        Offers addtional services such as Homework help, solution manuals, and scholarships!

6.     Google Play Textbooks

7.       HALF - (an E-Bay company)

·         Textbook superstore.

·         Buy or rent textbooks (Renting more expensive for some reason).

 8.      SLUGBOOKS -

·         Buy or rent textbooks.

·         type in the school and the class

·         also search by ISBN, for those who prefer searching by book.


·         Buy, Sell, or Rent Textbooks or Media Entertainment

·         Free shipping with orders over $25

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News on TextBooks

Google has a six month text book rental program with option to purchase for mobile devices released in August 2013.


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