SWG 541 - Policy Analysis Brief

A guide to help you with the Policy Analysis Brief. Some aspects of the brief depend on outside research (outlined below) to supplement your course readings and your own analysis of the policy.

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Identify the Rights Violated

These resources can help you identify specific rights granted to individuals by giving you the text of the actual law.  

Contextualize the Social Issue/Problem

Start your search with the first resource in this list and work your way down as needed. CQ Researcher is comprehensive and easy to use - but it may not cover your topic.  Congressional Publications is likely to have something on your topic, but it may not be as nicely arranged.  GovInfo.gov has the widest reach but may bring back less focused results.

Additional Information from Scholarly and Other Articles

If you need additional information on your topic, try looking at scholarly and other articles which may offer discussion of your social welfare policy as a whole or touch on specific aspects of it. These articles may provide evidence on how existing policy is (or isn't) working; you could also add in search terms addressing specific aspects of the problem you need more information on (economics, history, etc). 

Resources for several different topic areas are below - if your social welfare policy doesn't fit into these categories, or you need more information, try OneSearch.


Child Welfare


There are multiple entries in CQ Researcher on this topic (search for homeless).  Be sure to check the Bibliography section for additional reading - there are links to government and NGO studies, books, and articles. 

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