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Francis Harvey Green Library Exhibit Policy

This policy applies to enclosed exhibit cases on the second floor of Francis Harvey Green Library.

Purpose and Goals

Exhibits will support both West Chester University’s Vision of “leadership as a community educational and cultural resource” and Library Service’s outreach goal, “To promote the library´s unique role in the university and community and to build effective relationships on campus and beyond” and to “strengthen outreach to campus and support of WCU mission, goals, transformations, initiatives and projects and promote the library as a cultural and intellectual center.”

‐‐July 2010, West Chester University 2010‐2011 Undergraduate Catalog and 2009 Strategic Plan, WCU Library Services

Statement on Academic Freedom and Access

The library supports academic freedom and the free expression of opinion; therefore exhibit spaces will provide opportunities for a broad spectrum of opinion and a variety of viewpoints. The library will make exhibit spaces “available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use,” in accord with the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights. Library exhibits will be accessible to the public during library hours.

The library is not a platform for specific causes or groups. Exhibits of a commercial nature or for recruitment efforts will not be accepted. To challenge an exhibit or posted printed materials send a complaint in writing to the Library Director.

Exhibit Committee Statement

The Exhibit Committee consists of volunteers from Library Services. The Chair of the committee shall be the Special Collections Librarian.

The Exhibit Committee will coordinate and facilitate exhibits. The committee, along with Library Administration, is responsible for approving, rejecting, and suggesting changes to all proposed exhibits submitted through the Francis Harvey Green Library Exhibit Request Form. The committee is not explicitly responsible for mounting all exhibits. To facilitate this charge, the Exhibit Committee maintains F.H. Green Library’s exhibit records together with a calendar indicating scheduled exhibits and locations.

Exhibit Guidelines

All exhibit topics and materials must be reviewed by the Exhibit Committee. The primary purpose of exhibit cases is for library‐sponsored exhibits; however, the library tries to make the cases available for exhibits related to other campus‐wide activities and groups. Because of the time involved in removing and installing exhibits, requests for library exhibits should be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the start of the proposed exhibit. To request an exhibit please fill out and submit the Francis Harvey Green Library Exhibit Request Form to the Exhibit Committee Chair in print (to Special Collections, Francis Harvey Green room 615 or F.H. Green Library, 25 W. Rosedale Ave, West Chester, PA 19383) or by email (Collections Librarian is unavailable, exhibit requests should be forwarded to Library Administration (email libadmin@wcupa.edu or call 610‐436‐2747) where short‐term arrangements can be addressed.The Special Collections Librarian should be kept apprised of these arrangements via phone or email.

The Exhibit Committee should be notified immediately if an exhibition must be canceled. To encourage a variety of exhibits, exhibits should not be scheduled on a recurring annual basis. Any events in the library related to exhibits must be scheduled separately through Library Administration.

Within one week after submitting the Francis Harvey Green Library Exhibit Request Form exhibitors will receive a response from the Exhibit Committee to arrange a meeting to discuss the exhibit request. Planning themes and finding materials for the exhibit space is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Exhibits should be aesthetically pleasing and professional, with well‐thought out themes, descriptions, and relevant materials. This includes providing proper citation and attribution for all materials included in the exhibit. Additionally, the creator or sponsor and their contact information must be identified in the exhibit case(s). Any circulating library materials used in exhibits must be checked out to “On Exhibit” at the Francis Harvey Green Library Circulation Desk.

Exhibits should have specific start and end dates which are subject to availability. Generally, exhibits should not remain on display for more than two months in order to encourage variety and minimize strain on materials. Exhibits running longer than two months should be undertaken only under exceptional circumstances. In the event of unforeseen circumstances the library reserves the right to remove an exhibit or any portion of an exhibit at any time; exhibitors will be notified if such circumstances arise.

Set up and removal of exhibits is the responsibility of the exhibitor; these times must be scheduled with the Exhibit Committee Chair. Cases must be returned to their original condition. Access to locked exhibit cases is limited to Exhibit Committee members, Library Administration, Circulation staff, and exhibitors during set up and removal. The library assumes no liability for the security or welfare of exhibits at any time, including transport, installation, display, and dismantling. Insurance coverage, if needed, is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Any remaining exhibit materials 30 days after the exhibit end date will be considered Library Services property and handled in accordance with the 2010 West Chester University Library Services Collection Development Policy, Appendix III, Procedures for the acceptance of gifts and donations.

List of Exhibit Cases

There are a variety of exhibit spaces and placements in the library. Some have restrictions of content and format, and some are restricted to library materials only. The current inventory of enclosed exhibit cases and the contact information for each in the FHG Library includes:

Case Type Location Contact Available for Use?
Flat case (1) 6th floor, near stairwell Special Collections Librarian No
Wall cases (2) 6th floor, outside Special Collections Room Special Collections Librarian No
Flat case (on loan) 4th floor near room 408 Frederick Douglass Institute No
Short Case (on loan) 3rd floor near room 308 Frejdowicz Holocaust Study Room No
Upright cases (2) 2nd floor, near elevators Exhibit Committee (through Special Collections Librarian) Yes
Upright cases (10) 2nd floor, near QVC Information Commons Exhibit Committee (through Special Collections Librarian) Yes
Flat cases (2) 2nd floor, Biblio Room Special Collections Librarian No
Short Cases (2) 1st floor in the IMC Instructional Media Librarian No
Upright Case (1) 1st floor in the Children’s Room Instructional Media Librarian No


Francis Harvey Green Library Exhibit Request Form