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Computer Use Policy

  • WCU students, faculty and staff have first priority.
  • Library computers are to be used to support academic research and studies.
    • Game playing and other nonacademic activities are not permitted at any time.
    • E-mail, word processing, and other applications are also available in the IT Help Desk in Anderson Hall.
  • Patrons may not:
    • Install or activate software utilities.
    • Install or activate programs not already publicly available.
    • Alter or delete installed programs or utilities.
    • Alter the appearance of the desktop.
  • One patron may not use more than one workstation at a time or use more than one workstation in a serial fashion that discourages others from making use of workstations. This use includes unattended downloads.
  • Food and drinks are not permitted at any Library computer.
  • All users are asked to limit their search sessions to 45 minutes or less. Patrons who exceed this limit may be asked to relinquish the workstation if other library users are waiting.
  • Young children must be accompanied by an adult (18 or over). Adults supervising children need to be aware that Internet sites are not blocked since the intended use of the Internet is for research and academic purposes. Unsupervised access could result in access to information or images that parents may find inappropriate for their children.
  • Please work quietly and courteously.


Anyone who disregards these policies will be asked to leave the library. Disregard of policies may result in the suspension of library access and privileges.


  • Five networked printers are provided for computers on FHG Library's Main (second) floor and one networked printer in the IMC for library laptops and flash-print stations.
  • Printing is free from the workstations and laptops in the library; however, there is a print limit of 125 pages per week per person on campus.
  • Print only what is needed for academic work.
  • Print one copy only. Use photocopiers to make additional copies.
  • Use Print Preview to determine the total number of pages to be printed and to choose specific pages to print. In both Word and PowerPoint there are options to print multiple pages on one sheet. Ask for assistance at the Research Help Desk.
  • Duplex (two-sided) printing is available.
  • White or very light-colored letters will not print.


  • Data from the Internet and Library Databases can be saved to USB flash drives.
  • USB flash drives can be purchased at the FHG Library circulation desk or University bookstore.

Emailing of Data

Most of the library research databases provide an ability to email results. You may also cut and paste to your email. Ask for assistance at the Research Help Desk.

Accessible Workstations

  • Accessible workstations for WCU students, faculty, and staff are located in both the QVC and Reference computer locations.
  • Please ask at the Research Help Desk for an accessible workstation if you are a member of the public.