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MKT 425 Marketing Strategy: Research Resources

Industry Classification

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

  • Use this site to find the NAICS code for the industry.

Research Industry and Competitors

  • Use the primary NAICS code to find a list of public companies and private companies in the industry.
  • Use the list of companies to identify competitors and research competitive companies.
  • Use the public companies' annual report (10K) to research the industry environment.

Industry Trends and News

  • Use the newspapers to research industry trends, new technology, legal issues, political trends, social trends

Find Industry Report

  • Search the content with the NAICS code you have identified. If you cannot find enough content, search the keywords from NAICS code descriptions. 
  • In the left column of the search result, limit the source type to industry profiles to find reports on industry environment.
  • Limit the source type to product reviews or trade publication to find new product development trends, industry and market trends.
  • Limit the source type to SWOT analysis to identify some competitors and review the Opportunity and Threat section to analyze the external environment.
  • Use Gartner to find new technology trends in your industry.

Consumer and Market Research

  • Click my reports, and then "all my reports" to view a list of reports that are subscribed by the Library.
  • Mintel reports cover mainly consumer goods and general consumer demographic trends and consumer behavior.  
  • Use tthe NAICS code to examine he Census Data from American Factfinder and evaluate market size, industry size and competitive landscape.

Subject Guide

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