Government Documents and Maps

Where Are Maps and Atlases in the Library?

Our maps and atlases are located in the Mather Cartographic Resource Center (also known as “the map room”) on the 2nd floor of the FHG Library, in the area outlined in pink on the map below. Our office is outlined in green.

Atlases and map reference books:  on the bookshelves in the map room
Large flat maps: in the flat file cabinets along the wall
Smaller flat maps:  folded up and stored in various racks sitting on top of the cabinets. 

All of our maps have special call numbers beginning with the letters GS – if you need any help finding a map you need, please stop by the Government Documents office and we’ll happy to lend a hand!


Can Maps and Atlases Be Checked Out?

No, our maps, atlases, and map reference books may not be checked out, but everyone is welcome to use them within the library.

Help Finding a Map

If you need research help using maps or atlases, please stop by the Research Help Desk on the 2nd Floor.