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Languages and Cultures: Spanish

A Research Guide for Languages and Cultures from West Chester University Libraries

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The Spanish tab lists resources for the study and teaching of the Spanish language and literature. The Journals subpage lists journals the library provides access to, whether online, in print, or in microform. The News subpage links to news media from Spain, Latin America, and the United States. Other valuable Web sites are listed on the Web sites subpage.

You can check a list of Spanish films owned by the library in the films list available from the Languages and Cultures home tab. For useful databases, see the Languages and Cultures home tab.

Spanish literature to film

The following list contains films in Spanish based on Spanish literature. Some of these titles are novelas/short stories. They have been published in compilations--check the tables of contents in the catalog record and in the book to find the title listed.

The first number after each title/author is for the book; the second is for the DVD.  Some films are available streaming via library databases, and some are available via platforms such as Vimeo, Amazon, or Netflix, though the latter usually involve subscriptions or fees to watch.  I have also included links to videos that are currently posted publicly (e.g., on YouTube or Facebook), but be aware these postings may not be stable.

Here is a video showing you how to request that print books and DVDs either be mailed to you or prepared for pickup at the library:

Arráncame la vida novel by Angeles Mastretta 863.64 M423aa IMC DVD 972 A773 2009

Beltenebros novel by Antonio Muñoz Molina 863.64 M967mb IMC DVD 791.4309 B453a 1992 Streaming available from Amazon for $3.99.

El bufalo de la noche novel by Guillermo Arriaga  863.64 A775b IMC DVD 306.7 B929 2009  Available via YouTube as of 7/23/20

Los cachorros novela (and also available in this book) by Mario Vargas Llosa 863 V297mj 863 V297ma IMC DVD 306.7 C119 2006

Cartas de mama novela by Julio Cortázar 863 C827 A76 Streaming available through the library.

La casa de Bernarda Alba play by Federico García Lorca  862 G216Lc IMC DVD 393.9 H842 2005

La ciudad de los prodigios novel by Eduardo Mendoza  863.64 M539c IMC DVD 944 C581 1999

La ciudad y los perros  novel by Mario Vargas Llosa  863 V297mci IMC DVD 355.0071 C581 2002 Available on Facebook as of 7/23/20.

Como agua para chocolate novel by Laura Esquivel 863.64 E77c IMC DVD 306.7 L727 2000 Streaming available through the library.

El Coronel no tiene quien le escriba novel by Gabriel Garcia Márquez  863 G216mb IMC DVD 986.1 C822 2003

Crónica del rey pasmado novel by Gonzalo Torrente Ballester  863.62 T692 C76 IMC DVD 791.4309 R456 1992

La dama Boba play (also available in this book) by Lope de Vega 862 V422d; 862 V422xs Streaming available through the library.

Doña Bárbara novel by Rómulo Gallegos 863 G166d; IMC DVD 636.01 D674 2004

Doña Herlinda y su hijo novel by Jorge López Páez  863.64 L864vd IMC DVD 306.7662 D674 2001

El gallo de oro novel by Juan Rulfo 863 R935fg IMC DVD 791.8 G618 2003

Ilona llega con la lluvia novel by Alvaro Mutis  863.64 M992ai  IMC DVD 306.7 I29b 2003 On Vimeo as of 7/23/20.

Juan Moreira novel by Eduardo Gutiérrez  863.5 G984j  IMC DVD 364.3 J91 2001 On Vimeo as of 7/23/20.

Lucía Lucía based on the novel “La hija del caníbal” by Rosa Martero 863 M778 IMC DVD 904 L937 2003 Available via a bunch of subscription and paid options.

No habra mas penas ni olvido novel by Osvaldo Soriano  863.64 S714n IMC DVD 982 F982 1983

Pantaleón y las visitadoras novel by Mario Vargas Llosa 863 V297mp IMC DVD 306.74 P197 2003

Los pasos perdidos novel by Alejo Carpentier 863.64 C297 P37 1985 IMC DVD 306.87 L881 2007

Pedro Páramo novel by Juan Rulfo 863 R935fa 1972  IMC DVD 972.0816 H552 2008 Streaming available through the library.

Rabia novel by Sergio Bizzio   863.64 B625r  IMC DVD 306.7 R141 2011

Retrato de familia based on the novel (and also available in volume 1 of this book) "Mi idolatrado hijo Sisí by Miguel Delibes 863 D353hd  IMC DVD 791.4309 R438 1992

Los santos inocentes novel by Miguel Delibes 863 D353hL Video 3237  Warning-- this is a VHS tape, not a DVD.

El secreto de sus ojos novel by Eduardo Sacheri 863.7 S121 P74  IMC DVD 364.1523 S446 2010  Streaming available through the library.

Si te dicen que caí novel by Juan Marsé 863.64 M364s IMC DVD 946.9042 S562 2004

La sombra del caudillo novel by Martín Luis Guzmán 863.62 G993s IMC DVD 972.082 S693 2004

Sub terra short stories by Baldomero Lillo 863.62 L729st IMC DVD 622.334 S941 2004

El túnel novel by Ernesto Sábato    863 S113sb  Streaming available through the library.

La verdad sobre el caso Savolta novel by Eduardo Mendoza 863.64 M539 V47 IMC DVD 791.4309 V483 1991

La Virgen de los sicarios novel by Fernando Vallejo  863.64 V182 1998  IMC DVD 364.1524 O93 2002  Single user rental from YouTube, GooglePlay, Vudu, Amazon

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