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Meet Nick Marcil, SGA Senator to University Libraries

by Christian Sammartino on 2019-04-16T16:43:32-04:00 | Comments

             A red and gold flyer posted on a bulletin board in FHG Library caught my eye last fall. The flyer contained an invitation to provide feedback about the library. I followed the QR code on the poster and read the survey questions. I could tell right away this survey was written by someone interested in improving the quality of your study experience. A person who was interested in being a bridge between WCU students and FHG Library. That person was Nick Marcil, the Student Government Association (SGA) Senator to University Libraries.

            “I am a liaison and representative for the students of West Chester University to the Library,” Marcil said. “I help disseminate information that the library would like to put out and I help collect student feedback about the library. “I believe overall, I am in this role to bring people together.”

            Marcil described his leadership philosophy as an SGA representative in terms of servant leadership. This is a leadership style that prioritizes the welfare of a community. When someone acts as a servant leader, they elevate the needs and goals of their community above personal gain. As a result, a servant leader strives to selflessly serve those they represent, and to create changes that benefit their communities.

            “Some of the goals I want to accomplish include leaving some sort of impact, knowing that I’ve improved the campus community in some way,” Marcil said. “As one of my favorite professors once said, ‘I don’t care if I am remembered, but that the ideas I share continue on.”

            Nick embodies his leadership philosophy through his actions in the community, as well as the activities he participates in on campus at WCU. His leadership style has left a significant impression on those he works with here at University Libraries.

“Nick is an all-around great guy.  He is involved in so many activities on campus,” Dean of University Libraries Mary Page said. “A few weeks ago, he joined the WCU caravan to Harrisburg to press the Legislature for increased support for PASSHE universities.  Whatever he takes on, he does it with commitment, energy, and sincerity.”

            Nick knows the value of getting feedback and how gathering diverse ideas leads to positive dialogues that produce growth for our community. Part of that process is being aware that you, as students, have valuable perspectives about the library. Sharing those perspectives with representatives like Nick is one way of helping to improve the resources we have at FHG Library.

            “I would like [students] to know that any feedback is good feedback. Any comments are much appreciated to further the upcoming changes to the library,” Marcil said. “Hopefully they understand that if they have any problems or concerns that they can talk about them.”

            The survey Nick created, and the answers you provided, gave us valuable information. We heard your feedback, and we are using the results to help improve your overall experience in FHG Library. That process includes implementing change based on your insights.

            “Nick is genuinely interested in making sure the Libraries serve the needs of our students.  He spearheaded a survey to gauge student awareness of library services, and the responses have influenced our decision-making,” Dean Page said. “One small example: there are vending machines on the first level, but they are hidden out of sight.  Nick’s survey showed that students were not aware of the vending machines, so we are working to get them moved to a more prominent location.”

            In addition to his duties as an SGA representative, Nick is a highly involved member of our WCU community. Nick devotes his time to helping his peers grow and have the best possible experience during their years as Golden Rams.

             “I work for Residence Life as a Resident Assistant in Allegheny Hall,” Marcil said. “I put on events for my residents and continue to help them if needed. I’m also a part of an a capella group called The Suspensions."

Nick also recognizes the organizations and professors he learned from during his career at WCU. His experiences inside and outside of the classroom have provided him with valuable knowledge. Nick uses what he learns from academic departments and leadership opportunities in order to keep growing.

“I believe that being a part of the Honors College has helped me grow throughout my time here at WCU,” Marcil said. “As well as being involved as a Resident Assistant has kept me improving as a person and a leader.”

Teaching and inspiring others is at the core of what Nick hopes to accomplish after he graduates. He is preparing for that future through his coursework as an Early Grades Preparation PK-4 BSED major. Nick wants to be the type of educator who motivates and inspires his students to apply what they learn in the classroom to the world outside the classroom.

            “The way I wish to teach is through allowing students to learn about things that pique their interests. Through connections I hope to promote learning and gaining new knowledge beyond the classroom environment,” Marcil said. “I hope to be someone that is transformative by helping students beyond the classroom. I want to teach in such a way that give students freedom to learn, not strictly telling them to learn.”

Nick is transitioning out of his role as SGA Senator to the library after this year to pursue those goals. As he prepares to begin student teaching next fall, we thank Nick for his service to WCU and to our University Libraries community. We are grateful for all of the lessons he has shared with us in his time as Senator. We cannot wait to see what Nick accomplishes as an educator.

            “Nick is heading for a career in teaching, and all I can say is that any child who is lucky enough to be placed in his classroom will be learning from an extraordinary individual,” Dean Page said. “Nick will be an outstanding role model for the young people whose lives he touches.  Nick will be missed in the Libraries next year!”


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