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ENG 295 (Fletcher)

Why books?

I always encourage the use of books in ENG 295 classes, because they tend to give you the right level of historical background for what you need.  History journal articles are usually on extremely narrow and focused topics, while history books provide overviews of broader topics.

The video below will provide you with a brief introduction to searching the library catalog for books.

Step 1: Ebooks

Given that most of us are still working remotely, starting with ebooks is going to be fastest and easiest. 

Before you start searching-- take a moment to lock the 3 limits I set into place (so they don't come undone).  Find them at the top of the left-hand column.  Hover over each until each until the padlock icon appears, then click it.  When you are done, all three should show a closed blue padlock.

  • From there, you can easily adjust the search to be more specific.  For instance, here I searched for Jessie Fauset.

  • Note that while none of the resulting books are devoted to Faucet, a number do have chapters or sections on her.  Click the book title and scroll down to read the table of contents to find those.  In most ebooks, it is very easy to download a chapter as a PDF.


Step 2:  Print Books

If you need a book that we only own in print, we will mail it to you, but that will take a few days up to a week.  Currently we only have staff entering the library two days a week to do this. We also send a postage paid return envelope with it.

Here is a link to a catalog search that I limited to print books.

Again, take a moment to lock the "available in the library" limiter at the top of the left column by clicking on the padlock icon.

Currently, you can request a book for pickup at the library or have it mailed to you.  The video below will give you the details on how to do that.

ILLiad for books we don't own


Usually we use a system called EZ-Borrow for books, but it shut down service due to Covid-19 and hasn't restarted.  For now, request books via ILLiad.

ILLiad is the system that we use for getting journal articles the library does own.  It also works for other materials like books (and book chapters and dissertations and sometimes even audio/visual materials).  To request a book via Illiad, follow these steps.

1) Find a book you want to borrow.  Make sure you have full citation info (title, author, publisher, year of publication).

2) Double check the WCU library catalog to make sure we don't already own that book!

3) Log into ILLiad.  Good news-- ILLiad finally syncs with the WCU username/password system, so you no longer have to remember a separate password for it, just use your WCU email address and password.

4)  Go to New Requests at the top and select Book. 

  • You can also do a single chapter if that is all you need.  Full books take longer because they are mailed, a single chapter can be scanned, so is faster

5) Fill out the form and submit.  You will get an email when the book is ready for pickup.  If you want the book mailed to you look for that option at the bottom of the form.


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