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Subject guide for music

Finding Nutritious Information: Scholarly Articles

What is a scholarly article or publication?

You can identify scholarly articles by considering these four factors:

  1. Authors are authorities in their fields, and cite their sources in notes and bibliographies
  2. The intended Audience includes scholars and researchers in the field
  3. Articles are Peer Reviewed
  4. Articles are usually reports on research, use the language of the discipline, and have little or no advertising

Watch this short video or check the handout from class for more tips for identifying Scholarly, Trade or Popular publications.  If you're still not sure, ask a librarian!

Professor Guerriero's tips

Acceptable Journals (this is not an exhaustive list):

Applications of Research in Music Education
General Music Today
International Journal of Music Education
Journal of Music Teacher Education
Music Education Research
Music Educators Journal

Keywords (again, not an exhaustive list):

“Music” or “Music Education” and

Disabled children
Disabled students
Exceptional children
Gifted education
Inclusive education
Students with disabilities
Special education
Special needs students

* Also, you may try search terms of specific disabilities such as Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Down Syndrome, etc.

** Please note that keywords are not always the acceptable or appropriate terms that we use in writing or speech.

Other Keywords From Your "Exit Tickets" - Searches in Class:

Autism spectrum disorder
Action research
Cross-case analysis
Social behavior
Music therapy
Therapeutic use of music
Children with disabilities



OneSearch To Rule Them All

OneSearch is a great way to find articles and books:

With lots of great ways to focus and find exactly what you want:

What if you know the journal you want to use?

Check the Library's Journal Locator, which helps you discover options for searching the journal:

This search for "music education research" returned these results: