ENG 295 (Banner): Books and Journal Articles

Research Tips

Tip 1:  Although I am a big fan of using online databases to find scholarly journal articles, for this particular class, I am suggesting that you consider starting your research into your historical context with books/book chapters.  These sources are better at giving you the background and overview of a historical topic, while scholarly articles in specialized history journals are often on extremely narrow topics. 

Tip 2:  Remember to mine the bibliographies of reference sources and any other good source you find to more sources.  This can save you a lot of time and is something that scholars do themselves!

Tip 3: Use our interlibrary loan systems!  Remember that Professor Banner wants good quality sources.  If we don't have have a recent book or a great article on a topic, we can still get it in 2-3 business days.

Tip 4:  Remember that the key to finding good sources is to be willing to try more than one database and try multiple searches.  Remember that changing even one word in a search will bring back very different results.  For instance 'Hawthorne women', 'women 19th', 'women nineteenth' and 'marriage 19th' might all bring back useful sources if you were researching how Hawthorne's portrayal of women in the Scarlet Letter reflected the roles and status of women in the 19th century.

Secondary (Scholarly) Sources


OneSearch is our search tool that brings back a mix of result types and from different subject areas. 

You should go to OneSearch for:

1)  Books

2)  Extra sources if you have exhausted the literature and history databases

OneSearch for articles, books, & more


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