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Popular Culture (WRT 204): Finding Books and Reliable Websites

A guide to using WCU Libraries to find good sources for popular culture topics.

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Finding Books in WCU's Library Catalog

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Websites on Popular Culture Topics

Finding reliable websites can be hard for any topic, but it can be especially difficult for pop culture topics such as film, TV, music, and sports.  There are many people out there who are film buffs, or love music, or are obsessed with sports and have websites that discuss these things, but being a buff  is not the same as being a scholar who studies a topic in great detail and applies theories to that topic.  Before using information from any site that discusses any popular culture topic, make sure that you can locate information about the person who put up the website and determine if they have the education/background to qualify as an expert on the topic.

Tip:  When searching for popular culture topics, try limiting your Google searches to .gov, .edu, or .org websites.  you can do this by typing site: in the search box, followed by the domain you want (e.g.

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