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Languages and Cultures: Articles

A Research Guide for Languages and Cultures from West Chester University Libraries

Interlibrary loan for articles

Do you have an Illiad account? At this time all interlibrary loan requests for articles that the library does not offer access to in any format (print, electronic, microform) go through Illiad.

If you do not have an Illiad account, it's easy to create one and will save you time later. From the Illiad link, click on First Time Users Click Here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the First Time Users Click Here button. Fill in the New Users form; all asterisked fields must be filled in. Your WCU ID is the 16-digit number on the back of your RAM-e Card. Please also choose a Status and a Department. You will create your own username and password--make it something easy to remember. Then click Submit Information.

Now when you find an article that's perfect for your project but not available through the library, you are ready to request it through interlibrary loan. Use the Check Availability buttons in the database hit lists. If the article is not available through the library, click the Interlibrary Loan button. Log in to your account, and you'll find the required information about the article already filled in. Scroll down and click Submit Request.

We are now receiving many articles digitally; they are available in your Illiad account within 24 hours of request during the work week. If we cannot get the articles digitally, your requested article will be mailed and is usually available for pick-up at the library circulation desk within a week. You will get an email notification when the article, whether supplied digitally or in print, is available.



Google Scholar

Let Google Scholar know you should have access to WCU resources by: 

  1. Click on the menu (three horizontal parallel lines)in the upper left on the Google Scholar homepage.

  2. Choose Setting from the menu that appears. 

  3. Click on Library Links from the left menu. 

  4. Search for West Chester University, then click on the box next to the result that says West Chester University Libraries-- Find-It @WCU, and select Save. 

After you have done this, look for links that say either Find-It @ WCU or Check Availability @ WCU, to see if full text is available through WCU.


The journals listed are likely to have articles of interest. If you would like to browse these journals online or if you already have a citation and are looking for a specific article, click the link. Log in from off campus if necessary. If you are looking for articles on a topic, start with the databases.

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