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New Exhibit: The War to End All Wars: America's Involvement in World War I 1917-1918

by Jesse Brody on 2017-11-29T12:00:00-05:00 in Archives, Literature, History | Comments

100 years ago as of this past April 6, the United States entered World War I, and in commemoration, library staff have created a new exhibit located on the second floor of FHG Library. The First World War reshaped the map of Europe, and the balance of power throughout the world, as well as producing destruction of human life on a scale never seen before. It may be impossible to fully take in and comprehend the horror and tragedy of World War I, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t commemorate it and learn from it.  

There are numerous angles from which to approach such a huge topic. Part of the exhibit focuses on local aspects, such as the Red Cross volunteer work done by women students at West Chester State Normal School, and fundraising by students in support of various causes. There is a section about people connected to the West Chester community who served in the military during the war, such as: Charles Criswell, class of 1913, Ira Lady, a professor of mathematics, and Michael Sestrick, grandfather of music librarian Tim Sestrick.

There are also some topical focuses, including the roles of women during the war, as nurses, workers, and in the military; the development of technology; and creation of the first government propaganda machine in the United States. There are library resources on display in almost all of the exhibit cases, many of which can be checked out. For books inside a locked display case, feel free to ask for assistance at the Library Help desk.

The creators of the exhibit are Tara Wink, Jesse Brody, Ainsley Hume, and Regina Braidotti. For questions about the exhibit please email 

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